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The Best Cafe Joints in Bangalore

Friends and food can be fun when you are together at the best cafe joint in Bangalore. If you are all geared up for a rendezvous to catch up on the memorable past, try any of these best cafes listed out for you. With abundant cafes to choose from, you may feel lost. Our list of best cafes in the heart of the city will be the ideal places you are looking for. Try them out, have a whale of a time, get your money’s worth and cherish every moment spent.

Dyu Art Cafe, Koramangala

Art has always had a positive and soothing effect on stressed minds and tired bodies. Step into Dye Art Cafe to find yourself amidst the company of artwork of renowned artists - a perfect ambiance. To top it comes the Continental and Italian cuisine to please you. Spend the most looked forward moments of your life at this pocket-friendly cafe, with your dear ones, over a cup of Mocha or cold coffee, chocolate cakes and Banoffee pies, the cafe’s specialties.


Smoke House Deli, Whitefield

If your heart craves a fine dining experience, an elegant ambience, then Smoke House Deli is the best joint for it. Lip-smacking meals and appetising food await you here - the choice is yours. The mouth-watering food and the excellent service will be worth the money and time spent here. The quality of food is greater than what you spend

Glen’s Bakehouse, Indiranagar

Cakes, chocolates and desserts at Glen's Bakehouse will fill you with ecstatic delight. A comfortable ambience with the aroma of fresh cakes and chocolates lingering, this cafe is the best joint to chill out with friends. You can relive some of the best moments of your life chatting, laughing and enjoying golden croissants, tempting pies and crunchy chicken strips accompanied by a strong cup of frothy coffee. Even creamy cheesecakes that melt in your mouth can be on the table.


Fresh Pressery Cafe, Ashoknagar

Slip into the Fresh Pressery Cafe to escape the mess and stress of daily life and unwind yourself with a hot refreshing tea or cold-pressed juices. The reasonable prices will suit every pocket. Don’t miss the pasta and chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes, the recommended dishes. For health watchers, keto options are also available. Health on a platter is all yours. Walkout de-stressed with a light heart and mind.

The Rogue Elephant, Basavangudi

A hectic and monotonous life can tire one out. Being away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a perfect cure for stressed minds. The best cafe; an ideal joint, The Rogue Elephant, away from the madding crowd, in the therapy of greenery and serenity, can revitalise you with its soothing ambience, and satisfy you with its delicious food. The Continental, Indian and Indo - Chinese cuisine is a variety to choose from. Spend some quiet moments all by yourself, with friends or your loved ones. With evening stepping in, the cafe turns into a charming fairyland with all the lights aglow

Step into one of the above-mentioned cafes in Bangalore to have a lifetime of dining experience!


Mrs. Shahida Ismail


The Impact of Crypto Currencies on the Indian Market 

Cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies have been gaining a lot of popularity in India and this has led to a spike in their demand. A recent report by Block geeks has revealed that there is an increased demand for cryptocurrencies in India. In the past six months, Bitcoin transaction volume on Indian exchanges has jumped from 6.5 million USD to 12 million USD.


Diving a Little Deep into Crypto Currencies


Cryptocurrencies are slowly but surely gaining popularity in India. However, the regulatory landscape surrounding them is still unclear. This has led to a lot of people being skeptical about their long-term prospects.


Cryptocurrencies can also be mined using mining equipment. Mining is the process of adding new blocks of transactions to the blockchain. This is done by running powerful computers all day, every day, trying to solve a complex mathematical problem. When a miner solves the problem, they are rewarded with newly created Bitcoins.


There are a plethora of cryptocurrencies available on the market today. This means that there are many different types of cryptocurrencies to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Nevertheless, there are a few companies that have started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services. The main reason for this is that cryptocurrencies offer several advantages over traditional payment methods like credit cards and debit cards.


Crypto currencies are not recognized as legal tender by any country and as such, it is difficult to calculate their GDP. However, some estimates suggest that the total value of cryptocurrencies in circulation is worth around $600 billion.


Attractive Value Points of Cryptocurrencies

  • They offer anonymity, which is great for people who want to keep their personal information private as all transactions are encrypted and anonymous. They offer a way to make online payments without having to worry about the security of their personal information. 

  • Low transaction fees: Cryptocurrencies have low transaction fees, which makes them an efficient way to transfer money. 

  • Robust security: They are highly secure, making them an ideal choice for online transactions.

  • Wide acceptance: They are accepted by a wide range of businesses and individuals, making them a viable option for payment. 

  • Decentralized: They are decentralized, meaning they are not subject to government or financial institution control. 

  • High liquidity: Cryptocurrencies have high liquidity, which means that there is a high demand for them and they can be easily traded on exchanges.

The Future of Cryptocurrency in the Indian Market


Cryptocurrency is still in its early stages and there is a lot of potential for it to grow in the Indian market. 

There are many reasons why cryptocurrency could be a big hit in India. For one, the population is very tech-savvy and understands the benefits of using technology. Additionally, there is a large number of people who are looking for an alternative to traditional financial systems. Cryptocurrencies offer this type of alternative and have been growing in popularity due to this reason. 


Crypto hedge funds are especially becoming a popular trend in India. It is a type of investment vehicle that uses digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to generate returns. A crypto hedge fund allows investors to take advantage of the price volatility associated with these digital currencies while also having the security of a traditional hedge fund.

Moreover, India has a young population that is increasingly interested in innovative new technologies. This makes cryptocurrencies a perfect choice for them because they can invest without having to worry about the security of their money. 


Last but not least, the government has shown some interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which could lead to its increased adoption in the future.

Wise Gist


There is a lot of anticipation surrounding cryptocurrencies and many people are wondering what the future holds for them. Cryptocurrency has a lot of potential to disrupt the financial market and influence how we transact. Cryptocurrencies are already becoming more popular in India and could help reduce corruption and increase transparency in many sectors of the economy. Cryptocurrency can end up being the future of all currencies. The sustainability of cryptocurrencies in the future is expected to be remarkable.


Aniket Banerjee



A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and its maintenance is not rocket science. Style your life on health and you have it. The version of a healthy lifestyle may differ from person to person but the basic fundamentals do not. A vibrant and active life with a healthy mind in a healthy body is the best definition of a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s lifestyle is very damaging. To set this right, we need small changes with lasting results. Cheer up. A simple step, very imperative, required to style your health and life is MODERATION. Many steps a day, fruits and vegetables, the elixir of life, good sleep, management of stress, laughter and lo! The style of your life becomes healthy.


Mrs. Shahida Ismail


To There and Back

One hundred rupees in my hand, I walked through the narrow street, down to the nearest store. “Go get me some myrrh”, my mother had said in a sober tone. She disturbed my play but I had to leave. Oh these big people! They don’t know what it is to play. With a hundred rupee note in my pocket, I felt new life in me. The excitement of buying something, and that too with a hundred rupee note was ethereal. I never got to see so much money in my house. Mother andfather were always talking of making both ends meet; though the ends seemed poles apart.  Frequently, they would engage themselves in a hot argument, blaming each other for the meager income in the family. Amidst all this war, my little brother and I never got hold of any money in our hands. I guess that’s the reason why holding a hundred rupee note seemed so thrilling.  


I walked through the narrow street gazing at things around me. I passed by a shop selling big, beautiful kites. Kites were my favorite even though I could never own one. I would only stare longingly at my neighbor flying his kite, way up in the sky, very close to the sun. Never could I afford a kite and I hated my father for it. I hated him for being poor, for not being able to buy me all the wonderful things I wanted. I hated to be poor, to be yearning for anything and everything in life. I had a good thought of buying a kite with the money I had. I would buy a big, beautiful green kite or a royal purple one with a lovely, long tail, swishing away in the air. My neighbors would all envy me. It was a wonderful feeling; an elated feeling. I gathered the courage to stand near the shop, wanting to buy just one big kite. However, before I could even properly imagine flying the kite, my father’s angry face crept up into my imagination and I hurried along the narrow street to buy myrrh. I hated my father, and how much I hated him!  

Entering the shop, I finally bought ‘the myrrh’. The pack was a burden for me. It had replaced my kite, my ever-loving kite. While I walked home, several people stared at me. I don’t know why. Could they read my mind? Could they have guessed my intentions about the money that was once in my pocket? It may be so. Big people surely had the power to read young people’s minds. How disgusting! I can’t even keep secrets. Smiling awkwardly, I hurried home.  When I reached, a lot of people were standing outside my house. Had the secret leaked out? Had they told my father? A good spanking was surely on its way. My father! How much I hated him.  How much I ….. But where was my father? Why can’t I hear him shouting at my mother as always? A stream of thoughts ran through my mind. I entered my father’s room only to find him lying still, very still on his bed. He was not shouting, in fact, he was not even moving. He was wrapped in a pure white cloth; the dress of the dead. My mother sat beside him, sobbing. When she heard me coming, she looked up and asked me, “Did you get the myrrh for the last rites?”


Shabeela Khan

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